Illumination is a new, educational puzzle game by Vanadium Games! Construct logic circuits using a mixture of wires and gates to illuminate the correct bulbs when the corresponding buttons are pressed. Learn how to use NOT and AND gates effectively to solve the task at hand. Levels start easy but the difficulty quickly increases, teaching the fundamentals of Boolean circuits. What are you waiting for? Play Illumination now!




There are currently no trailers available for Illumination. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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Vanadium Games is a small indie game development studio. We release fun, exciting, well-designed games onto the App Store, the Google Play Store, and online. Our game development team is made up of 14-15-year olds who have a passion for games, and the gaming community as a whole. We play games together frequently, and we work together on game development projects.
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Illumination Credits

Dan Bodan
Music - Bike Sharing to Paradise