Vanadium Games is a small indie game development studio. We release fun, exciting, well-designed games onto the App Store, the Google Play Store, and online. Our game development team is made up of 14-15-year olds who have a passion for games, and the gaming community as a whole. We play games together frequently, and we work together on game development projects.


The Start of it All

We began working on The Stacks on the 1st June, under the name Atomic Development. The game was originally made for an independent english reading project, but it quickly escalated into sparking something that no one could have ever imagined. The Stacks was released online on the 13th July on a website called

Formation of the Company

After lots of planning and gathering together a larger team, we changed our name to Vanadium Games and became incorporated in England and Wales on the 14th August. This unlocked many more doors for us, as we now were able to start obtaining licenses for various stores.

Release of The Stacks on Mobile

On the 30th September, beta testing for The Stacks on both iOS and Android opened. After lots of hard work fixing bugs, The Stacks was publically released on Google Play on the 17th November and on the App Store on the 20th. By the time The Stacks had been released for 3 weeks, downloads of The Stacks on the App Store had alreeady surpassed 100.

Since Then

We have many more plans and games which are currently in production. We are also still updating and promoting The Stacks - on the 3rd March, we travelled to Coolest Projects UK to showcase our game and got lots of positive feedback.



There are currently no trailers available for Vanadium Games Ltd. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Joshua Heng
Game Developer
Max Trewartha
Game Developer
Harry Groom
Game Developer
Morgan Gray
Game Developer
Owen Richardson
Game Developer