The Stacks is a fun, easy to play game available on most platforms including iOS, Android and online on PC, where players must navigate the intricate construction of three stacks whilst collecting food vouchers, avoiding kidnappers and not being too slow. Although ladders are available, these are not installed on every building, so players must leap between caravans and mobile homes to progress down the interconnected stacks. The maze of stacks continues infinitely, with the speed increasing in difficulty exponentially as the player advances. A leaderboard system allows players to compete with each other to get the ultimate high score. The Stacks features retro, 8-bit graphics and two original chiptune soundtracks.


The planning of The Stacks began in May 2018, and the first online version was published on the 5th of June the following month. The game was originally made for an English project about the book Ready Player One (which we are not affiliated with in any way) but has since evolved further than anyone imagined. The Stacks was the spark which ignited the incorporation of Vanadium Games Ltd on the 14th of August, with the goal to publish it on mobile platforms.


  • Live leaderboard between mobile and online platforms
  • An endless maze of stacks
  • Fun and catchy 8-bit soundtrack


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The Stacks Credits

Vanadium Games
Game Design, Development and Publishing
Elliott Dixon
Game Designer